Article Review Process

All manuscripts and features (MS Word text files and JPEG or TIFF photo files) should be submitted to our Editorial Coordinator, Ms. Pooja Sharma at or in a CD/Pen drive to the address below.

The article will then be forwarded to Chief Editor, Dr. Sushant Umre and initially reviewed by the Editor to check if it is appropriate for publishing in Dental Practice and that it complies with the author's guidelines. The article is further forwarded to two or more members of the Editorial Panel and/or independent reviewers depending on the specialty and focus.

Dental Practice follows a double blind peer review process where the identity of the author/s as well as the reviewers is kept anonymous.

Typically the entire process takes about 30-45 days and authors are then contacted by the Editorial Coordinator regarding the status of their articles and if accepted, the tentative date to be published. An acceptance letter is sent to the lead author at this time.

During the production process of eachIssues of Dental Practice, authors will be requested to review their article proofs before publication.

Address for mailing

Editor Dental Practice South Asia
MediMedia India
505 Skipper Corner
88 Nehru Place
New Delhi 110019, INDIA

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