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          04 editorial                                                                 DENTAL TECHNOLOGY, OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2017



          Digital dentistry is the key word in today’s dental arena and
          has completely revolutionized the way we do dentistry. Digital
          technology continues to grow exponentially especially in the
          dental laboratory segment.                                                                EOS Dental Solutions

          The lead article in this issue describes this in a  perfect manner
          and how it has influenced the planning of a case, be it  smile
          designing or a more complex situation.

          The whole plan becomes so predictable as the final outcome
          can be assessed before hand and changes can be made accord-
          ingly. Printing of mockup models, transfer of mockup and using
          them as prep guides have made desirable outcomes possible
          raising the confidence level of the dentist, technician and

          This issue also explains in detail, about the  layering of porce-
          lain with a detailed study of the tooth and its internal charac-
          ter, customizing ceramic effect to get maximum and optimum
          result and in the process to get as close to the natural tooth as

          Also minimal invasive practice  is well described by making
                                                                           EOS Dental Solution  |  Ready for Production
          right choice of materials and proper technical skills.           High-End system for the production of crowns and bridges
                                                                           by means of Additive Manufacturing
          The last week of December apart from being a very festive
          period also is the time when the biggest dental exhibition is    EOS M 100: tried-and trusted EOS quality at an attractive invest-
          held in this country. Looking forward to meeting and interact-   ment volume
          ing with colleagues at the Expodent International in New         | Fast and cost efficient production (70 dental units in approx. 3h)
          Delhi.                                                           | Excellent detail resolution and reproducible component quality in every batch
                                                                           | Completely certified materials and process [DIN E N 1641/EN ISO 2267]
                                                                            for the production of dental prosthesis
          Again, wishing you all happy holidays and a great and            | System comprises a powerful and stable 200 watt fiber laser
          prosperous new year.                                             | Ease-of-use: Setup only takes minutes

                                                                           Think the impossible. You can get it.

            Dental Technician commenced publication in 2008. During these 9 years
            the journal has grown from strength to strength to include a much wider
            audience that comprises not just dental technicians and lab owners but
            also specialists like prosthodontists and orthodontists as well as clini-  EOS GmbH India Branch Office (Electro Optical System) 36,
            cians with an interest in dental lab technology. To better reflect the scope  Sivananda Nagar, Kolathur | Chennai-600099, India
            of this publication as well as to indicate an expansion of interest among a  Phone: +914439648000 | Mobile: 09811739103
            larger audience, Dental Technician will now be Dental Technology. What  Email:
            remains the same is the fact that this journal will continue to be the only  EOS GmbH   Robert-Stirling-Ring 1   82152 Krailling /Munich
            one of its kind publication in South Asia dedicated to dental laboratory   Phone  +49 89 893 36-0; Fax  +49 89 893 36-285
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