Neil McLean from the Gold Coast needed extensive tooth rehabilitation and at the age of 60 when he started shopping around he was stunned to find out that the treatment in Australia would put him back by $A100,000 (approx. Rs. 50 lakhs).

But Mr McLean, an avid traveller and media professional was aware that “dental tourism” was a fast growing phenomenon. He went online and eventually settled on the Dr Motiwala Dental Implant Hospital in Hyderabad in India. He then made the 20-odd hour flight for a series of procedures to transform his smile, undergoing eight root canals, nine implants, two extractions and 24 zirconia caps.

In the end, the extensive dental work cost just $12,200 with the treatment plus flights, accommodation and other costs setting Mr McLean back just $A15,000 (approx. Rs. 7.6 lakhs).

He said Dr Motiwala and clinic staff were “very organised and professional”, and the quote had been “staggeringly low” considering the amount of work needed, which was carried out during a number of visits for more than two weeks. “I find it difficult to understand the difference in price between Western countries like Australia and Asian countries, especially considering the standard of dentistry I’ve observed, which I think is as good if not better than here in Australia,” he added.