In this era of technological and medical advancements, dentistry appears to be more than a decade behind in adopting new innovation. India has 309 dental colleges and about 30,000 dentists graduate every year. Due to high infrastructure costs and intense competition, many dental graduates give up dentistry and shift careers. To change this and to bring about a change in the way dental care is delivered, MobiDent introduces Caddy- a digital dentistry revolution. Caddy – the carry clinic by MobiDent combines mobile dentistry with digital technology to deliver dental care at your doorstep. With this, MobiDent is creating a convenient and affordable alternative to the standard dentist’s clinic.

Caddy comprises a dental chair that weighs merely 11.5 Kgs, a tool box, a spitoon and a strolley suitcase unit with all the equipments that are required for any kind of dental procedures. From surface scaling procedures to coronoplasty, the carry clinic can deliver any kind of oral care treatment at home

Unlike conventional dentistry where setting up a clinic costs upwards of 12 Lakhs, MobiDent’s Caddy costs only Rs 88,888/-. Dentists with Caddy can provide door dental care anytime and anywhere. The dentists who buy caddy will be trained at MobiDent Academy of Digital Dentistry(MADD) to understand the nuances of becoming a digital dentist. From technology training to soft skill guidance, MADD will assist and provide back end support to the dentists. With an aim to create a digital dentistry revolution, Caddy will benefit established as well as upcoming dentists. MobiDent has designed, developed and tested Caddy clinic with 40 dentists across 7 cities and with 65,000 patients.