Advertising occupies a major place in the open market based American society and Dr. Jill Snyder, a dentist from Indiana seems to have taken it to a different level.
Dr. Snyder who runs a practice by the name of ArDente Dental has been using popular movie themes to market her dental practice.

Her latest ad campaign features her dressed as Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy, which has been renamed Guardians of the Gums. She has been making similar movie-themed ads for years.

According to this dentist, all of their advertising is based on movies or TV shows and they always try to have some kind of play on words or link it in some way to dentistry.

Past billboard campaigns for the practice include Minions ("Minion Dollar Smile") and CSI ("Cavity Scene Investigators") to Wonder Woman ("Wonderful Smiles") and The Walking Dead ("The Walking Dentist," obviously).