The Indian dental market has immense potential and it is predicted to become one of the largest single country markets for dental products in the world. The Association of Dental Industry and Trade of India (ADITI) is confident of facing the challenges and reaping the benefits of these opportunities for all the stakeholders

It is our aim to ensure this all-inclusive growth and ADITI is delighted to announce the newly elected committee members for the tenure 2018-2021.

Dr. B. S. Shetty
National President

Mr. S. Gumbhir
National Secretory

Mr. Rajesh Seth
National Treasurer

Mr. Biren Patel
National Editor

Mr. Dilip Valimbe
Vice President

Mr. Jayadev Shastry
Vice President

Mr. Karan Bir Suri
Vice President

Mr. M.R. Chowdhury
Vice President