Dental Practice


Dental Practice Volume 15 | No 3

  • Smile rehabilitation using implant supported prosthesis Anand Narvekar, Manoj Garg, Parag Khatri
  • Snap impression technique for full arch implant supported restorations Udatta Kher, Ali Tunkiwala, Priya Bijlani
  • Why is laser dentistry popular Apoorva Gupta and Ishita Umre
  • All roads tend south Dr Alfredo Landolo
  • Prefabricated veneers historical perspectives and recent developments Stephan lampl and Nikhil Bahuguna
  • Gingival depigmentation: Answer to black gums Aashwiin Miglani
  • Simplification of the restorative technique for posterior teeth Dr sanzio Marques
  • Operational cost and treatment charges in dentistry: Part-2 Ankit Desai
  • A convincing duo: Zirconium oxide and fluorapatite glass-ceramic Dr Torsten Seidenstricker and Dominique Vinci
  • GST: Miracle or Mirage Amit Kirtane
  • Philosophy Ethics and applied ethics pertaining to dentistry Greeshma Chauhan and Mahesh chauhan
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